About Cleat Street

High stakes sports betting - we bet $10,000+ a day on sports. Follow our betting journey by subscribing to our daily newsletter at cleat-street.com

Last season, we wagered over $1 million on MLB games. It turned out pretty well, so this year we’re aiming to wager three times what we wagered last season.

Every morning, we will be publishing our future bets and previous results in a daily newsletter. This year we’ll be betting over $10,000 every day on select games.

If you’re feeling bold and also want in on some action, we recommend you do three things:
  1. Trust the process - We only bet on games where we see value, even ones you may think are awful (and yes many of them will look awful).
  2. Value over convenience - Being a successful sports bettor isn’t easy and requires work. Long story short, you should sign up for multiple sportsbooks and shop for lines when placing bets. If you don’t know what that means and want the long story, you can head over to Cleat Street U to get the rundown on the value of line shopping.
  3. Risk management over YOLO: Follow the bet percentage recommendations we provide. These are #math optimized to maximize your returns for slow and steady gains. Don’t try and be a hero - if you bet your entire bankroll by parlaying all of our picks it’s probably not going to work out. If you just couldn’t resist, email Aaron at aaron@cleat-street.com - he’ll probably feel sorry for you and might even send you some Cleat Street swag. If you email Dan at drubin@cleat-street.com you will probably get a lecture on the importance of bankroll management.  
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About Us

Dan Rubin: Dan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cleat Street and is responsible for the analytical integrity of our predictive sports models. Previously, Dan was the Vice President of a boutique financial consultancy where he led their complex derivatives valuation practice, employing techniques such as Monte Carlo simulations and option pricing theory, which he has since adapted for predictive sports modeling. Dan frequently acts as a guest lecturer on matters of business valuation and sports analytics, and has lectured at UC San Diego and UNC - Chapel Hill.

Dan received his MBA from Columbia Business School where he studied entrepreneurship and sports business, working as a teaching assistant for the sports analytics program. He has also been conferred the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst by the CFA Institute.

Dan's vision is to build a company based on the values of integrity, trust, and transparency. Long disregarded by the sports betting industry, these values are of the utmost importance to him.

Aaron Chou: Aaron is the Co-Founder of Cleat Street and a Fun Guy. Prior to joining Cleat Street, Aaron spent several years lighting money on fire at Uber in the name of startup buzzwords like growth, scale, and market share. During his time at Uber, he held big boy titles like GM or Senior Operations and Logistics Manager, but really all he did was direct his team to spend money on things like pricing and incentives, or some bikes and scooters, all the while enjoying free catered lunches, swag, and Uber rides. Prior to Uber, Aaron was boring like Dan, consulting in economic matters by writing papers and building economic models advising antitrust and intellectual property litigation.

Because he no longer works at a company that feeds him, clothes him, and pays for his transportation and travel, Aaron must actually make money. Over the years, Aaron has stumbled upon some success in the gambling space, from online poker to sports betting and daily fantasy. He has had some notable wins in the past few years, including:

2019: $55,000 payout parlaying the moneyline on 3 juggernaut MLB teams: the Detroit Tigers, the Texas Rangers, and the San Francisco Giants

2018: $100,000 payout winning first place in NFL Fanduel contest with a lineup including stalwarts Josh Gordon and Michael Crabtree

2017: $50,000 payout winning first place in NBA Fanduel contest with a lineup consisting of worldbeaters Tristan Thompson and Ryan Anderson

Aaron's vision is to build a company that makes it easier for people to win money from sportsbooks without being a total square.

Any further questions? Check out our FAQ for common questions, Cleat Street U for more in-depth write-ups, or email us at team@cleat-street.com