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How to Use Cleat Street

WARNING: We lose 55% of our bets

So you want to make money betting on sports. Join the club. Half of you have probably already stopped reading based on our warning (what kind of jabroni loses over half of their bets?), so if you insist on skipping to the punchline, we make a lot more money than we lose, but we lose a lot more games than we win. If that makes zero sense to you, seriously - we have a club you should join. Just subscribe to our daily newsletter at cleat-street.com and you’ll get our pick recommendations in your inbox bright and early every day. We also discuss new betting strategies, theories, and concepts that will help you grow your bankroll and become a better bettor. To most effectively use our newsletter, there's really only three things you need to focus on.

To maximize your bankroll growth, here are three keys to success:
  1. Bet on every single one of our recommendations, even the ones you think look awful (and yes, most of them will look awful, but just do it)
  2. Sign up for multiple sportsbooks and aggressively shop for lines. Learn more on why this is important at Cleat Street U here.
  3. Follow our bet percentage recommendations. These are #math optimized to maximize your returns. But if you don't have the patience for slow and steady gains, you can YOLO or parlay at your own risk. You might lose everything, but hey, we get it. You're a degenerate. We've all been there. At least you can find solace in knowing it's positive EV versus betting some random 2AM cricket game on a Tuesday.
Why you should trust us

You shouldn't, and we don't expect you to. The sports betting industry is full of liars - even our family and friends don't believe us when we say this is what we do for a living. However, here are some things we'll publish every day to be fully transparent and earn your trust over time:

  • A daily recap of our previous day's picks, including bet amounts, bet odds, and betslips in our newsletter. We purposely are using email so that nothing can be deleted or altered.
  • A general ledger that has full transactional data of our 2020 betting history, including betslips, available at cleat-street.com/ledger
  • Year-to-date summaries published daily in our newsletter showing W-L record, wagered amount, profit (loss), and ROI
  • Educational modules where we walk through betting strategy and theory, explaining concepts such as maximizing profits over win probability, EV, bankroll management, and much more.
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