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We were supposed to be a betting newsletter - your friends were planning on watching us bet $10,000+ every day on sports, but here we are with no sports. Subscribe to join our $2000 Giveaway and Cleat Street $500 Weekly giveaways. We’ll be giving away around $15,000 until July 4, and probably more if MLB doesn't return by then.  Follow us on Twitter @Cleat_street for more giveaways.

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We were supposed to share our MLB betting journey this year but COVID-19 changed everything, and we have nothing to do with our bankroll. So we're giving it away. Share our bankroll with your friends by sharing your referral link - and we’ll share with you some free swag! We’re basically giving away our bankroll for you to give to friends so we can give you free swag. Share share share. Give give give.